About Me

Did you ever wake up thinking “I really need to make the most of every day I am given on this Earth”? Did you ever just know you had to have new challenges every day in order to be satisfied that you are doing your best to accomplish this task? This is pretty much what prompted me to begin a new career following retirement from teaching.

Life has provided me with so many adventures, leading me to where I am today. Growing up with a wonderful set of parents, a sister, and two brothers assured a life full of laughter, pain, sadness, and a fair share of challenges. Bottom line is all this rolled together led me to a positive, ambitious adulthood.

The next phase of my life led me to a marriage, four children, a multitude of friends, and a family by marriage that I have grown to love as much as my “born with” family. Those four children, three sons and a daughter, grew up to marry, become successful and have blessed me with a son-in-law, three daughters-in-law and eleven beautiful grandchildren. So much more to this phase, but now let’s move on to the next phase.

Following a lot of years working, the time to retire came and I doubted that I was ready for it. I was so right, I was not ready. Six months and I was moving into the next phase. I am blessed with a husband who knows me and knows I need the challenges and new experiences in life. With his encouragement I entered the wonderful world of art and all I can say is WOW! I am loving every minute of it and have created this blog to share the joy with as many people as I can.