Renaissance Faire in Florence, Alabama

Renaissance Faire in Florence, Alabama

Shoals Artists Guild participates in the 2017 Renaissance Faire?

Each year the Shoals Artists Guild reserves a spot as a part of the Renaissance Faire.  The annual Faire takes place in Wilson Park located in Florence, Alabama and it is always a sensory feast to be there.  The city of Florence embraces this faire each year, providing free parking and free admission. There were thousands who made their way through Wilson Park this year in spite of the weather, which was a little brisk and a lot cold.  The period costumes were creative and indicative of the time period.  Many of the costumes were  designed and created by the person who wore it.  There was music throughout the park, being played using instruments designed to reflect the renaissance period.  There were activities throughout both days designed to effectively demonstrate life as it existed during the renaissance period.

Origin of the Renaissance Faire in Florence, Alabama.

In October of 1987, the first Renaissance Month was observed in Florence, Alabama.  Since that date every fourth weekend in October in Florence, Alabama a Renaissance Faire takes place.  The event is a fun filled and educational two-day event.  Historically, Florence, Italy was the founding city of the Renaissance movement in Europe during the 14th century.  With Florence, Alabama being named for this city in Italy, it seems appropriate that it provide an annual setting for this Faire which remembers and celebrates this historical period..

The Renaissance Faire covers the period of time from the 12th through the 16th centuries.  Authentic costumes, arts and crafts, and food are all a part of the Faire.  Visitors are invited to take part in medieval games and musicians can be heard around the park playing authentic instruments.  Artisans and merchants offer coins of the period, hand-thrown pottery, jewelry, dried flower wreaths, hand forged and crafted knives, hand turned pens and many other delights.  Magicians, mirthmakers and minstrels wander about in period attire. If you are missing period attire, the Faire has that too, with several merchants offering a great selection.

The Florence Renaissance Faire became the official state faire in 1988 by Act no.88-43.