Another Wonderful Year


Reflections on 2016 bring to remembrance all the wonderful happenings within it.   I am so thankful to have been privileged to live and love through it and  I loved that I could share it with so many old and new friends.  Most of all, I am so thankful to have shared it with a husband who accepts me as I am, and a family who does the same.    

The year has not been totally smooth sailing.  There have been tears and disappointments along with the joys.   There have been and still are relatives and friends who are not in the best of health.  There are others who have left this earthly existence and we do miss them.  There will always be those who are suffering and  I suffer with them because I love them.  They are in my prayers on a daily basis. 

And then there is the fact that this was a major election year.  I watched as people literally ripped each other apart emotionally as the campaign played out.  All the while I knew that love could fix it all.  I prayed that love would win out in the end.  Old friends, new friends, family and strangers all connected, loving each other, and working together for the good of the whole.  This is my hope for 2017 and I pledge to do my part to love more, understand more, and enjoy more as this year unfolds.

I am so thankful for all the artists who have been a part of my year.  I am thankful for how much I have learned from them.  I am thankful for their giving and sharing attitudes.  I am thankful for their friendship.  I am thankful for their support and belief in me.  Some of them have works in the gallery at Art & More and I love walking through the gallery and enjoying their works.  My wish and goal for this year is that those works will find new homes and will be replaced by other of their works.  I am so thankful to be able to support and serve such talented artists as they pursue their art careers.  I must mention Sergio here.  He has a special place in both mine and Larry’s hearts.  He is an artist with an indescribably awesome talent and so willing to share with us and with many others.  Throughout this year I have watched as he worked with so many beginning artists, teaching and guiding them toward a more perfect understanding.  Larry and I have been no exception.  We both have learned so much from him and have enjoyed every minute we have been privileged to spend with him.   Thanks to Sergio for his willingness to share, and to Joy, his wife, for her willingness to share him with his fans.

Reflections and remembrances of this past year increase my resolve to make 2017 an even better year, I understand and respect the fact that God must be at the center of everything.  So with that in mind I enter this year in the shadow of His awesome power.  I will join my family, friends, and colleagues in enjoying the best year yet.

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